Individuation marketing®: Splio+D-AIM’s breakthrough in relationship marketing

At Splio+D-AIM, we believe that today’s consumer expects brands to treat them as an individual, with authentically singularized experiences and communications. This core belief has allowed us, as a software company, to create a unique SaaS solution capable of carrying out individuation marketing® on a wide scale.


A powerful combination of artificial and human intelligence

Cutting-edge technology makes the impossible possible: individuated communications for an ever-expanding and increasingly diverse customer base. At Splio+D-AIM, we’ve found the perfect balance of AI with our very own analytics tools, multi-sector expertise and experience in data science and customer relationship marketing. Instead of wasting time on repetitive and non-value-added tasks, use our solutions to analyze every one of your customer profiles instead. By gaining greater precision than ever before, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best communication strategy for each customer. This way, you can get back to what you do best—designing messages that are not just relevant but creative as well.


Extensive national and international experience

For several years now, we’ve been advising industry leaders in retail, media, telecom and banking and insurance. Our recruitment strategy aims to find employees whose industry-specific expertise equals their passion and curiosity.

Outside of France, we’ve expanded our business across Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. At Splio+D-AIM, we’ve drawn on this diverse range of experiences and practices from around the globe to enhance our solutions and better support your business internationally.

D-AIM in a few dates


launch of a consulting agency dedicated to relationship marketing


office opened in Tunisia


office opened in Canada


office opened in Belgium


from consultancy agency to software company

Starting from the premise that tomorrow’s marketing will be 80% algorithmic, we transformed our business into a software company that uses AI technology for deterministic, predictive, individualized and ethical relationship marketing.


office opened in Morocco


increasingly diverse solutions

This period proved to be incredibly productive, with the development of new key functionalities such as decision-making marketing, using it to trigger timely, relevant and meaningful communications.


Inbox transforms into D-AIM

Renaming our company “D-AIM” was a way of signaling both our entry into the software market and our shift to a new era of individuation marketing through the launch of our flagship product of the same name, D-AIM.

2020 also marked our campaign to raise €10 towards accelerating our growth.


D-AIM and Splio merge

October 27, 2021 marks a turning point in the history of D-AIM with the announcement of the merger with Splio to become a unique Martech player. By uniting their expertise, the 2 companies assert their position as a leader in software publishers dedicated to relational marketing.
The new platform using new technologies based on artificial intelligence will (finally!) allow marketers to orchestrate for each customer the operational decision-making, customer engagement and activation.

Start your transformation with us!

Be part of the revolution yourself and use individuation marketing® to deliver messages that are relevant, timely and meaningful—to every customer, every day. Get ready to experience radical changes to your approach and results as you enter a new age of one-to-one marketing with D-AIM.