There is an increase of the number of registered clients, and a good penetration rate of the Mobile Money users, but there is a low usage frequency. How will the Telecom operators get their customers to make maximum use of this service?


In this webinar moderated by Thomas Demolliens, Head of Sales Telecom at D-AIM, and Hichem Abdelhak, Projet Director Telecom, you will discover our Individuation Marketing ® solution applied to the Telecommunications sector. They will explain how to develop the use of Mobile Money and how to engage your customers.



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In this webinar you will discover:

  • Why overall knowledge of the customers’ habits and preferences makes it possible to send them impactful personalized commercial recommendations

The approach developed by D-AIM is to start from the customer by using a data-driven approach. It allows to consider the singularity of each client by identifying their needs using machine learning predictive scores. Then, we can use it to launch a specific engagement program.


The goal of the engagement program is to create specific universes in term of behavior and services that we can propose to the clients. The idea is to encourage customers to get badges or points for specific universes. We will propose specific challenges for each universe.


Also, we have adapted digital customer engagement program to fit the challenges that are facing Mobile Money operators. With solutions like D-AIM, empowered by AI, we can go up to the customer level and match their needs.


  • How customer engagement programs dedicated to this specific activity will strongly reduce the churn rate

Today, there is a big competition in term of Mobile Money. The solution developed by D-AIM allows to detect the micro-churns related to specific services, in order to avoid a real churn. So, we developed many different churn scores, that can only be achieved with machine learning and deep learning.


  • Some concrete business cases from the Telecom industry

The goal is to understand how the objectives of recruiting, developing and retaining can be reached with an engagement program with precise and concrete examples.

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