Group 16

D-AIM Institute shares its study about Ethics and AI in relationship marketing. It highlights a major teaching for 2021: marketers are in favor of the use of data to power their artificial intelligence models but with a strict legal framework and respect for privacy. 

Among the key take-aways of the study, we notice that: 

  • 46% of the answerers believe that brands and their partners, providers of technological solution, should play a greater role in respecting the use of data towards consumers who give their consent. 
  • 80% of marketers are ready to exploit browsing and purchasing behavior data. However, they are mostly against the use of personal contents like conversations or emails. 
  • The main expected benefit of the use of AI is to create a more unique and responsible relationship between brands and customers. 
  • A strict legal framework must be adopted in relationship marketing practices. 

Companies knows that its inconceivable to think about tomorrow’s marketing without using Artificial Intelligence. But are the marketing teams ready?