Increase customer insight for more effective relationship marketing

Individuation marketing is about so much more than reach: it’s a resolutely customer-centric approach that has transformed the world of relationship marketing.

Individuation marketing: treat each customer as unique

Creating customer loyalty today means factoring in the uniqueness of each consumer so that communications are genuinely hyper-personalized.

And this is actually possible, thanks to AI and Big Data: with predictive analytics tools now more powerful than ever, enhanced consumer insight is finally within your reach.

What’s more, this increased capacity to predict consumer behavior and pinpoint potential risks helps you ensure that all communications are aimed at individualizing the customer experience in a way that is both relevant and timely.

Welcome to the era of the genuinely one-to-one customer relationship—and let D-AIM Institute show you the true potential of data-driven relationship marketing.

D-AIM, is a leading software company specialized in customer marketing by using the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies. It addresses the growing needs of brands to transform themselves by making relationships with their customers more ethical and empathetic.

D-AIM supports its customers in the adoption of  individuation marketing® based on the cooperation between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. By entrusting AI with the responsibility of identifying the best communication opportunities with each individual customer D-AIM allows brands to dedicate a virtual marketer to each of them.

D-AIM has offices in Europe, North America and Africa/Middle East. Its solutions are deployed among the biggest players in retail, media, telecoms and banking insurance.