In this D-AIM Institute white paper, we explain:

  • Why and how to start with the expectations of each of your customers
  • How to radically transform your customer relationship
  • What are the impacts of Individuation Marketing® on the activity of companies through concrete results (Orange, Courir, St Maclou, Kaporal, Le Monde…)
  • Why it is urgent to change the paradigm today to build the marketing of the future



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Why read this white paper?

You will discover how to switch to a true “Customer Centric” marketing thanks to Individuation Marketing® and the results obtained by companies that have already chosen to reverse their marketing by starting from the customer and not from the product to build their communications.


The integration of this new paradigm in their strategies has generated positive impacts on the customer relationship, of course, but also in terms of business and organization.


If you want to know, for example, how Courir transformed its relationship marketing thanks to an increased knowledge of its customers, how Orange and Le Monde decreased their churn rate, and how Kaporal and Aumax succeeded in improving their customers’ engagement rate, don’t hesitate any longer! Download the white paper to find all the results of companies that have chosen to transform themselves and build tomorrow’s marketing today.