At D-AIM, we are convinced that AI is the only way to singularize and empower relationships between brands and customers and create a mutually virtuous engagement cycle.


In this webinar you will discover:

  • The basics about Individuation Marketing®
  • Some concrete business cases in the Retail/E-commerce industry
  • How to combine Augmented Customer Knowledge, AI-based decision engines and engagement programs to take your customer marketing to the next level


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In the face of increasingly volatile, demanding and informed customers, it’s necessary to change the customer relationship to capture and preserve profitability. The same campaigns sent to large targets at regular intervals have shown their limits and are losing their effectiveness. Customers don’t feel recognized in their singularity.


In this webinar animated by Reza Pir Nazar, Senior Consultant at Mega Waradana Abadi, and Sarah Thompson, Head of Partnerships & Alliances at D-AIM, you will discover our individuation marketing® solution applied to the retail sector.


Individuation marketing® is the result of a fact: customer marketing is reaching saturation, with digitalization and the development of social media, there are more and more campaigns and marketing action plans, especially in the retail sector. But performance is not what it used to be; it’s decreasing. In addition, customers are more volatile, they are the leaders of their relationships with brands. They also have new consumption habits, they are interested in buying more responsibly, they are looking for a meaning, so they want the brands to make sense and to address them in a more personalized manner.


Another fact is that humans have reached their limits in the area of relationship marketing, and Artificial Intelligence is the only solution to singularize the relationship between brands and customers. Thanks to AI, you can multiply individualized and relevant brand / consumer relations.


Individuation marketing® allows brands to address their customers individually and automatically. The goal is to speak to your customers as if you had a dedicated marketer for each of them. This is the challenge that D-AIM decided to meet, by combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence. The solution developed by D-AIM allows to multiply the ways we approach customers, and to choose the best occasion to talk to each of them about a specific product or offer, which we call an opportunity.


Our speakers also present concrete examples of two clients of the retail sector who decided to use D-AIM’s solutions. They explain how the implementation of the solution helped our clients to boost their incremental revenue and their productivity. The automatic decision-making engine of the solution also allowed them to discharge them of some repetitive tasks, and to focus on more creative tasks, which represents a real metamorphosis of their organization and their business.


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