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[Telecom webinar] Identify influencers within your customer portfolio to improve your performance

In the telecom industry, we are constantly working on reducing churn, improving customer knowledge and service, as well as enhancing the acquisition process, in order to increase our customers’ revenues.

In this webinar moderated by Thomas Demolliens, D-AIM’s Head of Sales Telecom, and Hichem Abdelhak, Telecom Project Director at D-AIM Tunisia, you will discover our individuation marketing® solution applied to the Telecommunications sector.

They explain how to identify influencers in your customer portfolio to leverage your business performance:

    • How to identify leaders and their sphere of influence

To improve your customer knowledge, it’s important to identify and to capture the strength of communities inside your customer base. To do this, it’s relevant to know the role of each client inside the communities, and their level of influence. The goal is to spot the communities’ leaders in order to make them brand ambassadors.

    • How to cross the DUAL-SIM Customer approach with relational circle analysis

The algorithm developed by D-AIM allows to detect your customers’ communities and their relational circles. The leaders’ identifications can help to convert customers who belong to their relational circle. The goal is to combine the increase in individual market share of our DUAL-SIM customers identified by our detection algorithm with the community approach.

    • How to implement a specific action plan to benefit from this new knowledge

Our solution that identifies communities and subscribers’ roles inside these communities can create a real added value. It improves customer knowledge and gives and answer to the current business challenges and problematics faced by the telecommunications sector. Therefore, the operators can personalize their offers to answer to their customers’ needs in the most relevant manner possible.

Our solution also allows to realize predictive scores in order to anticipate the customers’ future behaviors (churn…). The Telecom operators can thereby realize marketing actions targeting their communities, by focusing their efforts on specific customers, to increase their revenues.

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