In this white paper, you will discover:

  • How to switch from mass marketing to individuation marketing®
  • Why the combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence is essential to do individuation marketing®. We will address the concept of score allowing to measure he probability of each customer’s behaviors. How to make the traditional marketing evolve and introduce algorithms on our habits, while combining with human creativity and strategy.
  • The benefits of brands and consumers to go in this direction
  • Marketing and ethical individuation. We will present the results of a study realized at the beginning of 2021 with a large panel of marketers, on the topic of AI and ethics in customer marketing.


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The D-AIM Institute published a white paper about Individuation Marketing®, a concept that still seems abstract when you put in on paper but which will have a real impact on the Marketing teams’ daily lives.

To get back in business as quickly as possible, the temptation is great to multiply short-term marketing actions based on the law of large numbers: massive emailing campaigns, ads targeted to specific segments… But all these techniques are based on beliefs established in the world before. Therefore, they will be fatally unsuitable and will have an exceptionally high failure rate. We have entered a new era where relationships will no longer be based on groups, but on individuals.


Indeed, marketing knows considerable disruptions about its consumer understanding and its implementation of business strategies. Today, it’s not about taking the product as the starting point of a unique and uniformed communication for the consumers, but instead, be focused on their individual interests, desires and needs to address them the right way. It’s about using all the power of the new technologies and digital for the implementation of a singular and omnichannel communication.


From now on, marketing considers each consumer as a particular entity, for which a perfect control of the data generated and knowledge of profile and behavior is necessary.