On September 23, D-AIM participates in the online event “La Matinale Adetem”: “How does AI Boost Customer Knowledge and Experience?”.

We will discuss with 3 experts – Unifai, Dydu and Speedianet – the answers provided by AI to improve customer relations and make the experience unique.


Numerous solutions based on artificial intelligence meet the challenges of customer knowledge, such as voice bots that converse directly with the customer; matching engines that strengthen customer relations and brand commitment; automated product categorization solutions that improve time to market and conversion for e-commerce.


D-AIM will present an application of its Individuation Marketing® solution at its client Kaporal Jeans, and the performance observed on the engagement of Klubbers, members of the brand’s loyalty program.


If you want to know more about these solutions and our D-AIM solution and what are the concrete applications of their uses, register quickly for this morning!


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