I – ESG Approach

D-AIM is resolutely committed to socially responsible management and leads working groups to carry out and monitor various projects based on the 3 ESG axes:

  • The environmental axis: being involved in waste management, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, participating in a “greener” digital environment, and preventing environmental risks.
  • The social axis: accident prevention, skills development, commitment to diversity, respect for the well-being of employees and the promotion of social dialogue.
  • The governance axis: establishment of an ethics committee and a code of conduct, transparency and employee involvement in the strategy, market awareness on the ethical marketing topic.

Our objectives and achievements:

  • Implement a responsible environmental and digital policy (carbon footprint, green IT plan, …)
  • Continue to promote diversity, scale the company in a collaborative way and be an active player in the professional development of its employees
  • Highlight our ethical and responsible marketing vision and how our solution contributes to it: the concept of «Individuation Marketing®» takes these dimensions into consideration, favoring a sustainable and long-term relationship with the customer
  • Creation of a governance that integrates ESG issues: monitoring kpis, anti-corruption policy in the business world, purchasing policy, etc.

II – D-AIM is committed to preserve the forest, the world’s 2nd largest carbon sink, with its partner Ecotree

We contribute to the planting and maintenance of new trees to sustainably enhance our french forests and preserve their biodiversity in partnership with Ecotree

Forest ecosystems recycle carbon and therefore play a major ecological role in the planetary balance.

We have purchased 500 trees in Luthenay and Préaux, two french forests (400 red oaks and 100 Laricio pines), and invest every month in planting 50 new trees.

We have set up a counter on our D-AIM’s solution back office to monitor the carbon recycling performances of our trees! In this way, we remind all D-AIM users of our commitment to the environment and highlight our partnership with Ecotree.


Learn more about Ecotree

III – D-AIM commits to Unu Mundo to raise awareness on climate change

D-AIM partners in the 66°N expedition of the NORTHABOUT. Unu Mundo aims to raise awareness among the general public but also to support scientific research that allows a concrete and measured study of current phenomena. It combines human, social and natural sciences to meet, understand, document and transmit.

In the Arctic, average temperatures have risen twice as fast as anywhere else. This is a real upheaval that has a daily impact on local populations, wildlife and plants.

The Unu Mondo’s co-founders, Tobias and Sophie, accompany scientists and image professionals to put light on the consequences of the melting ice.


The objectives of this expedition to Iceland are: 
🤝 Meeting with people affected by climate change
🧐 Understanding this change through science projects
📸 Document to capture expedition highlights
👩‍🏫 Raising awareness and educating the young generation on climate change



To know more about Unu Mundo