That’s why we have teamed up with trusted partners—all proven specialists in their respective fields—to make sure you receive the full-service support needed to take your relationship marketing strategy to the next level.


By working closely with experts from various industries, including mobile solutions, marketing automation and data aggregation, we’ve expanded our range of available functionalities. As a result, you’ll be able to harness the rich potential of your data, which will, in turn, give you enriched consumer insights to create large-scale marketing campaigns that are on point.


Find out more about our trusted partners and join forces with us for a relationship marketing strategy that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Our Partners


1BY1 brings together all of your proprietary data in order to make it fully usable and allow you to set up a 100% data-driven business strategy, thanks to the construction of a Customer Data Platform.


Type of activity : Technique & solutions

In which countries:  in France 


Imagino is a Real Time Customer Data Platform. Imagino lets you access, understand and activate customer data to provide all your customers with a seamless, personalized experience, both online and offline.


Type of activity : Solutions

In which countries: France


ATTRACT, NURTURE AND RETAIN CUSTOMERS ! Actito is an agile and powerful SaaS platform designed for the modern marketer. Actito helps you to strengthen your reputation and maximize your revenues through deep customer engagement and insight. As a marketer, launch easily your customized and personalized marketing campaigns through the right channel at the right time, make your customer engagement grow and boost your conversion rate. It’s all about activating your data, your customers and your brand. Join us and the other 800 Actito multi sectors clients ! 


Type of activity: Solutions

In which countries: Belgium, France, Netherlands, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom


Batch is the enterprise market leader in push notifications: we help marketers deliver meaningful communication experiences in a world where customer engagement has dramatically complexified. Our 1-click opt-in engagement technology works across 5 million apps & 2 billion websites and can be seamlessly connected with every other leading MarTech solution. It’s time to keep pushing!


Type of activity: Solutions 

In which countries: In more than 20 countries 


Since 2006, MTarget has supported companies in France and abroad for all their communication channel needs: marketing, transactional, conversational.

MTarget allows companies to communicate on a large scale and take advantage of the effectiveness of mobile messaging which remains to date the most effective way of communicating with its customers. 

Our solutions are easily accessible through the largest CRM editors on the market, via our platform (Saas), or directly via our SMPP APIs. MTarget operates its own technical infrastructure which is hosted in France and offers coverage to more than 270 international destinations.


Type of activity: Solutions 

In which countries: France, Spain, Italy, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, DRC, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Nigeria


Software vendor offering a Digital Marketing Hub using data from B2B or B2C brands (tier 1 or 2) who want to reduce their acquisition and loyalty costs.​

Scal-e is a fully integrated yet modular digital marketing cloud platform. Our goal is to give marketers tools to easily connect their data, ​ protect customer privacy, generate dynamic customer profiles​ in order to ​build customer loyalty​ and implement personalized customer experience​…without IT teams intervention !​


Type of activity : Solutions

In which countries: France, US, China, Thailand,  Spain


Symplify is a Swedish technology company offering 2 solutions (SaaS) to help companies improve user experience.

Suite COMMUNICATION is a marketing automation platform that allows you to run campaigns in an ultra-personalized way via 8 different channels: emails, web push, app push, sms, voice, social, print and landing pages… 

Suite Conversion is an experience Optimization platform that allows brands to build better user experiences and grow conversions. With Conversion’s platform it’s easy to create tests (test A/B, heatmap, sessions recording…) and build tailored digital experiences


Type of activity : Solutions

In which countries: Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Malta, China


Splio consolidates in one single platform all the marketing activation needs of retail, e-commerce, and food industry brands to build a long-lasting relationship with each one of their customers.



Type of activity : Loyalty marketing platform

In which countries: France, Spain, Italy, China