Is your average take-up rate
per customer too low?

Have you struggled to get your churn down, despite efforts to predict their loss?

By helping you gain relevance when it comes to customer relationship marketing, D-AIM ensures the success of your campaigns.

If this sounds familiar…


Your marketing action plans are impeccably designed and widely distributed. Yet their performance and impact remain disappointing. Perhaps you’re communicating with every customer the same, based on industry essentials and seasonal demands. Why not try sending only those messages that are most likely to be of interest to them?


You’ve got no shortage of online quotes. Yet only a small percentage of your call backs lead to the signing of contracts. Are you sure your channels and timing are what’s best for each individual prospect?



But you are looking to…


. Optimize the effectiveness of your relationship marketing strategy and reduce solicitation costs

. Build loyalty and individualize the customer relationship in an increasingly digitized world

. Win the fight against churn

If both your continuous and one-off campaigns are no longer performing well, it could be down to a lack of responsiveness and relevance. 



Take a new approach


. Know exactly what each customer expects—and make getting to know them your business

. Predict changing needs and preferences so you can meet them to the fullest

. Enter into a personalized exchange with each customer—communicate on their terms and at their pace



How?   With us!


Exploit the rich diversity of your customer data 

You are data-rich but analysis-poor: personal data, browsing history, email opening rates and information gathered by external agencies are too compartmentalized.  Our solutions collectss all your data and makes it easy to access. What’s more, we allow you to transform vast amounts of data into commercially viable elements such as scores and triggers—all in-real time.


Draw upon our insurance and banking expertise

We have in-depth knowledge of your organizational structure and the challenges you face in terms of regulation and competition. Our solutions will boost the efficiency of your strategies and ensure your campaigns are on-point.


And, in practical terms?