Getting Your Customers Engaged

Customer engagement: the biggest challenge facing the media sector today. A wide range of platforms and plans make for tough competition. Fickle and fragmented, today’s media consumers threaten to impact your advertising revenue. But you can take action(?): our solutions will help reverse dips in attention and audience, as well as the risk of churn, leading to sustainable and rewarding customer relationships.

If this sounds familiar…

You’ve achieved seamless navigation and your content is perfectly targeted. Yet traffic to your site fluctuates and you still struggle to convert visitors into subscribers or customers. Do you have an in-depth understanding of the profile, behavior and interests of your customers? Are you able to predict their needs and aspirations?


At first glance, your email campaigns and display ads seem on-point. Yet the average opening rate for your emails and click-through rate for your display campaigns leave something to be desired. What’s more, your retention rate has not increased but has instead dipped. Are your communications making an impact? Is your relationship marketing strategy really working?



But you are looking to…

  • Recruit and retain customers
  • Reduce churn rate
  • Boost your advertising revenue

In today’s competitive market, personalization through segmentation alone is no longer enough. Your site visitors, along with your subscribers and customers, have become increasingly demanding. They now want an enriched experience. As a consequence, only individualized communications and advertising messages will grab their attention.



Instead of relying on your content, focus on your customers to trigger communications and advertising messages that make an impact and encourage engagement

  • Get control of your data—this is the key to launching a relationship marketing strategy that is truly individualized
  • Identify the customer journey for each individual and gain maximum insight, create a unique experience and build loyalty



How?    With us!

Make the most of all your data

Our scoring tools do more than just analyze your data. They also predict future consumer behaviors such as browsing history, email opening and click-through rates and even duration of engagement.  With deeper insight into each one of your customers, you’ll then be able to streamline your communications and track the performance of your campaigns, subscriptions and portfolio on a daily basis.


Let our industry knowledge guide you

With our expertise in the media sector, we create individualized marketing solutions to match your needs and constraints and design tailor-made support to set up marketing activation plans that are sure to make an impact.


In practice?