Has traffic to your points of sale
and website slowed down?

Do you suspect your loyalty programs aren’t doing their job?

Your relationship marketing campaigns might not be making the impact they once did.

For a performance boost that lasts, D-AIM helps you get the data needed to deepen consumer insights and design powerful marketing practices.



If this sounds familiar…


Special offers, sales and even loyalty cards—you’ve tried it all. Yet the average spend of your customers stays the same.

When is the best time to launch a promotional event?

Should you base it on seasonal demands or customer segments?


A weekly email and 2 or 3 texts per month…

Your marketing efforts have always run smoothly, but the number of inactive customers remains high and your newsletter subscribers are dropping off.

Which criteria do you use to deliver your communications?

Do you adapt it for each customer, depending on their preferred channel and frequency?



But you are looking to…


. Communicate with each client individually, how and when they want

. Win over customers and build loyalty to your brand

. Create a customer experience based on ethics and empathy


And you are right: times have radically changed. Traditional marketing strategies are no longer as effective as they once were. When it comes to communications and services, customers expect more from businesses. They want a fully individualized experience. A marketing approach that casts a wide net, where personalization is just for show, won’t succeed today.



Take a new approach


. Make individual buying habits your business — really get to know each customer

. Anticipate expectations so you can better serve the needs of existing and potential customers

. Communicate less, but with greater care and responsibility: send messages that are relevant, on the right channel and at the right time, instead of being counter-productive with impersonal or intrusive messages



How? With us!


Harness the full potential your customer data

Our solutions are designed to make the most of your customer data, from buying habits, purchase frequency, repeat purchase rates, browsing, receipts and more. We collect, organize and synthesize data from various sources to generate information, such as predictive scores and triggers,  that is concrete and commercially viable on a large-scale.


Let our industry expertise guide you

When it comes to relationship marketing, our dedicated service helps clients navigate the day-to-day challenges specific to the retail sector.

We know the issues at stake—and are committed to using our expertise to build the best solutions for your business.


And, in practical terms?