Search for the best

Today’s telecom consumers want flexibility—they’re used to looking around for the best offers and even changing providers. For them, the decision-making process is now fast and efficient. With our individuation marketing® tools, however, you’ll be just as efficient when it comes to predicting churn, building customer loyalty and developing your client base.

If this sounds familiar…


Your offers are attractive, and your services diversified. Yet your churn rate exceeds your target and you struggle to predict non-renewals. Who exactly are your high-risk, multi-SIM customers? Do you send them targeted communications at the right time to ensure their loyalty?

Perhaps you’ve recently won over new customers and have many pre-existing ones. But when it comes to specific plans and services, growth is limited.Are you able to you identify these customers? Do you know which offers will encourage increased revenues? Are your customers loyal to your brand, or do they use multiple SIM providers? And how do you pinpoint the ever-changing habits and demands of your multi-SIM customers?

But you are looking to…

. Identify customers that are likely to leave before it’s too late

. Build genuine customer loyalty and meaningful, sustainable engagement

With the number of comparison tools and providers currently on the market, your customers are constantly tempted to switch to your competitors . That’s because there’s no shortage of choices—and they know it! Now is the time to be responsive and show them that you alone understand their expectations.



Take a new approach

. Gain in-depth consumer insights (habits, preferences and constraints)

. Predict their behaviors and desires to increase usage or use the right retention levers.

. Ensure your communications are perfectly on-target in terms of both what you send and when. And ensure each and every customer is treated as unique.



How?    With us!

Use your data to create an entirely individual customer experience

You have the raw materials; we have the tools to transform them.  Our analytical tools break it all down for you: call type and destination, apps installed, number of texts and more. After generating indicators and automated actions (e.g., scores and triggers), a range of intelligent and targeted marketing activities are initiated.


Let our industry expertise guide you

Experts in campaigns for multi-SIM customers and analytics for the various communities within your customer portfolio, our telecom division is perfectly positioned to ensure the success of your marketing action plans.


In practice?