Build, drive and manage your multi-dimensional customer engagement program: 

Why do loyalty programs only reward customers who go through checkout? Your consumers connect with your brand long before they enter your stores or visit your website or app. That’s why you need a loyalty program that increases customer engagement every step of the way: account creation, profile completion, frequency of visits, browsing your offers and engaging with your brand through shares, comments and referrals. There are countless opportunities for engaging across all your channels, from retail spaces and websites to apps and social media.



Build behavioral analytics directly into your digital channels

To capture and leverage each point of engagement for each registered customer, you simply need to tag those marketing activities with the highest added value for your brand. Our D-ENGAGE tool will allow you pinpoint the most relevant rewards—such as number of points, level and status obtained, available bonuses and benefits—and individualized messages for each customer.

Our D-ENGAGE solution will help you achieve your goal of a multi-channel, multi-dimensional and genuinely one-to-one engagement program.

Want to know how ?



With D-ENGAGE, transform each channel into a tool for building customer loyalty 

D-ENGAGE uses a software development kit built directly into your channels, allowing you to control a set of screens on your website, app, card machines or terminals and cash registers. Thanks to D-ENGAGE, you’ll be able to create, configure and display all of your commercial and customer relationship opportunities. Your loyalty program will be given new life and you’ll gain the ability to individualize communications based on customer profiles and behaviors.

In real-time and through every channel, customers will experience a genuine level of engagement and you’ll be able to: 

  • track and reward behavior in real-time so you can instantly optimize the value of each customer
  • identify and reactivate customer relationships as soon as you detect a drop in engagement levels.

Gamify the customer journey with D-ENGAGE

D-ENGAGE also provides a set of tools to give your programs an added boost. You’ll be able to launch games and quizzes, promote your services by creating “winning pathways,” link your points of sale to your app and create points of engagement such as winning tickets, advent calendars and Easter egg hunts.