Get usable insights in a world of increasingly unpredictable consumer habits 

Your customers’ behavior and preferences are in constant flux. At the same time, today’s consumers have become increasingly demanding. 

They expect to be understood, seduced—and even surprised!

A truly personalized customer experience for them entails tailor-made offers and services.

In other words, each customer wants to be considered as an individual.

But without tools powerful enough to generate in-depth customer insights, this approach is a major challenge.




Get accurate customer insights from a large volume of widely dispersed data

For accurate insights—and to take individuality into account—you must get specific consumer profiles, tastes, motivations and needs from your data.

With data coming from CRMs, Internet browsing, purchase history, e-booking and social media, both internal and external sources are extremely diverse and the volume of information considerable.

In this context, it’s impossible for any marketing team to generate valid results without powerful, data-driven technologies.

D-INSIGHT combines our business expertise and the enhanced performance of AI to help you make the most of your data and provide the offers that best meet your customers’ expectations.

Want to know how to enhance your customer knowledge?




With D-INSIGHT, transform customer insights into actionable indicators!

D-INSIGHT lets you build customized indicators based on the usage patterns specific to your sector (telecom, retail, media, banking/insurance). With hundreds of options, you’ll be able to tailor communications to individual customer profiles and behaviors.

Using data from your customers, integrated into our solution, you’ll be able to:

  • determine the primary indicators for monitoring your customers, giving you deep insight into who they are (following their buying habits, navigation behavior and reactions to stimuli)
  • build and monitor as many indicators as your objectives require
  • identify and set up the most relevant triggers for your customers’ life cycles
  • develop communication campaigns and action plans that are aligned as closely as possible with your customers’ needs

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