Looking to win over your multi-SIM customers?

For greater flexibility and a wider range of services, some of your customers will be using multiple or dual SIM cards. This habit allows them to switch operators once a specific promotion has expired. To avoid significant revenue fluctuations per customer, it’s important to deepen your insight into what makes them tick.

Our Dual-SIM software lets you collect the data you need to streamline marketing activities for multi-SIM customers—building loyalty and increasing market share for each individual along the way.




DUAL SIM: collect the data that counts

  • Identify your multi-SIM customers

Our DUAL-SIM software uses your database to pinpoint which of your customers have multiple SIM cards. It also retrieves the MSISDN for each SIM card used.

  • Get detailed information on how they use their plans

Analyzing incoming and outgoing calls, Dual-SIM lets you pinpoint customers’ habits: On-Net or Off-Net communication, text messaging, most active periods (peak vs. off-peak hours, weekdays vs. weekends, etc.) and contacts (category, geographical location, etc.).

Make the most of your Dual-SIM data

Thanks to an accurate view of your customers’ habits, your special offers will be hyper-personalized and perfectly timed, enabling you to:

  • increase individual market share without cannibalizing revenue
  • reduce your customer churn rate with a targeted approach that’s on par with your competitors’ campaigns
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Grow your brand with Dual-SIM customers

It is now easier than ever for individuals to interact. Consumers can communicate at any time of day from anywhere in the world. Virtual groups of friends, family or colleagues take shape almost seamlessly.

D-AIM’s unique algorithm, designed to detect specific communities from an operator’s customer database, helps you see the patterns.

That way, you can focus on customers you’ve already identified as strong influencers—those most likely to support your viral or cross-selling marketing strategies.