Do you have the right tools to optimize your customer targeting?

Are your campaigns no longer getting results?

Do you struggle to keep targeting on point?

Looking to generate as many predictive scores as you wish in just a few clicks?

Traditional analytics tools are no longer powerful enough to exploit a large volume of diverse customer data to its fullest.

Predictive marketing, on the other hand, will take your campaigns to the next level: combining statistical analysis and automated predictive modeling, this approach will streamline your choices.




Exceed customer expectations with D-PREDICT

Using your data, our predictive analytics software, D-Predict, examines thousands of digital interactions—buying habits, browsing data, consumer profiles and more—giving you customer insight with unparalleled accuracy and helping you predict future needs and expectations with greater precision than ever before.

As a result, you’ll improve the performance of your customer targeting and ensure communications are relevant and effective.


Want to know how ?


Build long-lasting and mutually beneficial customer relationships based on trust:

  • Boost your marketing activities while keeping customers satisfied

Thanks to more relevant targeting, you can fully meet customer expectations and reach your business objectives (predicting product appeal, risk of inactivity or churn, probability of behavioral changes, etc.).

  • Harness the potential of your data like never before

Statistical analyses and predictive models—alongside machine learning (ML) technologies that create self-learning, predictive algorithms—will allow you to exploit, on your own and to the fullest, all customer information collected.

You’ll then be free to spot new opportunities and your teams will have more time for projects with higher added value.

In Practice?