The banking sector has undergone significant changes: increasing digitization and industry disruptors, such as neo-banks, have radically transformed consumer habits and the customer relationship in general.

As the leading banking and financial group in the Maghreb, and with 7.4 million customers across 23 countries, our client needed to make significant changes and implement the new tools required to ensure ongoing success.


Identify potential clients that may be at risk of leaving for a competitor

Align client values and needs with sales force management skills and capabilities.

Strengthen client relationships with a value proposition specific to each individual customer

Boost the ROI of marketing campaigns  by ensuring investments are in line with each client’s value

D-AIM Solutions

  • Build a more personalized, client-centric marketing and analytics strategy

    • Introduce a value and potential value segmentation framework across all markets for the retail banking network
    • Restructure the network by building up client portfolios in every branch
    • Develop a series of relationship scores/triggers to detect critical moments when the client has decided to transfer a significant part of their business to competitors.
    • Set up product appeal scores/triggers to pinpoint the right marketing message for each client.
    • Create a contact plan for clients and pinpoint individual contact or sales opportunities for each sales representative.
  • Ensure proficiency with our tools

    • Provide ongoing support to make sure teams can use our tools for processes such as segmentation, scores, triggers and next best offers.
    • Provide a customer knowledge base and access to all key customer relationship players—marketing, sales, management—in various forms, including a 360-degree customer view and implementation of marketing plans and triggers.


Our client saw positive results within a few months of launching D-AIM’s solutions. The impact of this transformation was observed in better internal optimization, overall business performance and client satisfaction.

New segmentation and portfolio of all retail banking clients achieved within five months
Improved business performance
  • Increased number of sales per FTE and percentage of multi-product sales
  • Expanded reach across client portfolios
  • Higher completion rates
Client portfolio accuracy rose from 68% to 89%
Higher customer satisfaction rates overall
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased satisfaction among the sales teams with their own contact plans and portfolios in line with their expertise

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