With more than 4 million members and over 4.1 million insured vehicles, MAAF has been taking steps to reinforce itself as a challenger in the auto insurance market. Based on our advice, the insurer opted for new predictive and decision-making marketing methods, which quickly yielded results.


Improve knowledge of prospects to spot opportunities for converting them into policyholders

Optimize phone calls with limited resources: responding to the high demand for auto insurance quotes online  

D-AIM Solutions

  • Predictive lead scoring for increased conversion rates

    To set up a contact process perfectly matched to the profile of every prospect, we created a predictive conversion score from MAAF’s data. The company was then able to contact each prospect according to their lead conversion probability rate: no contact for low probability, an immediate call for medium probability, an automatic reminder via regular mail and e-mail for high probability and follow-up calls only if there was no answer.

  • Tailor-made support

    Our banking and insurance experts helped MAAF’s teams analyze the indicators and maintain the scoring models, thus ensuring the best possible use of our solution.



Thanks to our tool for generating predictive conversion scores, MAAF saw a 16% increase in signed contracts in just one month—all with no extra allocation of resources.

A streamlined process for contacting prospects

To help MAAF deal efficiently and successfully with  large numbers of online requests for auto insurance quotes, it was essential that D-AIM provide them with a tool for determining prospects with enhanced precision. Thanks to our predictive conversion scores, the insurance company saved time and money while simultaneously targeting each prospect with the most relevant type of contact.

Targeted and sustainable communications

Thanks to our predictive lead scoring and streamlined contact processes, MAAF sent timely, relevant and engaging messages for each prospect. In short, this was a decisive shift in the conversion process!  

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