When France’s leading daily newspaper for economic and financial news, went digital, it seized the opportunity by offering its content in every format. Its website receives millions of unique visitors each month. Yet, the brand has also been affected by the declines in paid circulation and advertising revenue now characteristic of this rapidly changing industry. This was the background when the company reached out to D-AIM.


Gain deeper insight into user pathways to optimize site traffic and:

– generate advertising revenue by boosting the number of subscribers to free services

– generate direct revenue by converting non-paying into paying subscribers

Optimize user engagement to improve site experience and build loyalty

D-AIM Solutions

  • Identify online consumers and their conversion potential

    Our solutions were able to pinpoint the typical profile of individual users on the website and the levers most likely to convert them into non-paying or paying subscribers.

  • Predictive lead scoring

    Providing insight into the typical path of its online consumers, the company had access to three scoring models, which were generated and updated by our solutions on a daily basis. This provided the brand with conversion rates and optimization scores for its display campaigns.

  • News media expertise

    We used our extensive knowledge of the news industry to help the company reach its objectives. Our specialists and industry experts supported the brand’s teams throughout the process with ad hoc studies and advice on implementing scores and setting up marketing activations.



Significantly improved conversion rate

Our solutions helped the company gain deeper insight into online consumers and their typical pathways. They were then able to use this information to send the right messages for converting users into non-paying or paying subscribers.

Hyper-personalized communications

With our predictive marketing solutions, the company sent individualized communications—offer, content and timing— to online consumers. These communications were instrumental in building consumer engagement and loyalty.

As a result, the company doubled its open rate for emails and tripled its click-through rate for display campaigns.

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