1st French daily newsparer in terms of circulation with more than 600,000 copies per day, Ouest France is also the 3rd internet platform in terms of News audience.

Digital is therefore a real challenge for the group regarding subscriptions which means that existing offers need to be multiplied. But how to boost the digital transformation?

The group called upon D-AIM to tackle these challenges.


Boost digital customer acquisition: convert readers into subscribers

Optimize team time: more strategy and less operations

Dare to change in terms of communications: new offers and new channels

D-AIM solutions

  • Enrichment of the customer database

    In order to accelerate the sale of digital subscriptions, it was essential to know and understand the behavior of digital readers. D-AIM therefore integrated all browsing data (web, app, mobile), which allowed to improve customer knowledge and feed predictive models.

  • Imagine new offers

    Thanks to the arbitration engine, marketing teams are freed from highly operational tasks and can focus on strategy, creation of new communication opportunities and relational action plans

  • Integrate new channels and better manage the sending of solicitations

    Saving team time also allowed to create business opportunities on Android & iOS push notifications, and inbound/outbound call opportunities.



Increasing value generation

Additional sales increase of 2% and recruitment of new clients up by 7.2%

Effective commercial pressure management

Ouest France has sent 21% fewer requests for the same number of distinct customers thanks to the enhancement of customer knowledge and more individuated communications

Team productivity on the rise

Leaving highly operational decisions to D-AIM has allowed marketing teams to free up time to focus on higher value-added tasks: 2.4 FTE gained for 40 to 50 new communication opportunities created

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