With its internationally renowned daily newspaper, news website and magazines, French media giant Le Monde operates in a highly competitive sector where paying subscribers are on the decline. Our work with them mainly focused on a reduction in churn and a return to growth.


Detect the signs of at-risk customers and better predict their behaviors.

Adopt measures aimed at customer retention

D-AIM Solutions

  • Enhanced customer behavior analytics

    Our solutions enabled Le Monde to identify numerous signs of at-risk customers. Some of these key behaviors include a drop in site visits, an expired payment method, a change in cost or app uninstalls.

  • Customer relationship indicators

    D-AIM’s solution allowed Le Monde to leverage its data with incredible precision. As a result, many subscriber habits were tracked, including viewing preferences (topics, device/site, time of visit, etc.), rate of consumption in general and also per category. Thanks to our predictive modeling, we scored around 20 micro-level indicators of churn and used them to pinpoint at-risk moments in the customer relationship: reduced browsing, a drop in or end to PDF downloads and decreased consumption of paying articles. The media company used these churn predictions to ensure communication efforts were timely, engaging and relevant.

  • Sector-specific support

    Apart from practical support—in particular on optimizing the use of  our tools—our media experts provided Le Monde’s teams with professional workshops specific to their sector. By learning how to analyze churn indicators at the micro-level, the teams were then able to tailor relationship strategies to match each risk level.



Thanks to our operational indicators and predictive scores, Le Monde was able to model churn indicators, predict at-risk behaviors and implement an effective marketing plan to counteract churn.

Increased customer knowledge not achievable through traditional techniques

Le Monde faced a particularly tough challenge: understanding and identifying the vast range of different behaviors indicating subscribers at risk of becoming churners. The company gained in-depth knowledge of its consumers with help from our behavioral analytics and predictive marketing solutions, both powered by artificial intelligence

Powerful marketing plans put in place

Armed with these predictive analytics, Le Monde was able to pinpoint high-risk customers—those most likely to churn—and hyper-personalize their communications. The performance of this system was then measured using a Universal Control Group.

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