This leading daily newspaper providing economic and financial information belonged to a group which has successfully embraced the digital revolution by adapting its content to all formats. Its website receives millions of unique visitors per month. With different business units, the volume of data available has rapidly increased but its potential has been poorly exploited. D-AIM has proposed to accompany the brand to build from all these data an increased knowledge of its customers


Develop a 360° vision of the customer

Maintain an entity and BU-level management for operational and customer knowledge

Enrich customer knowledge to better meet market challenges

Industrialize customer knowledge by combining descriptive and predictive data


  • Creating a unified and centralized database

    The first step was to create a single database for the different BUs at the group level. The objective was to consider the customer as a Group customer and no longer as a customer of each entity, in order to have all the information available to enrich each profile.

    This centralized implementation has enhanced customer knowledge to personalize communications based on behaviors and interests.


  • Support in the exploitation and enrichment of data

    Once this base was built, D-AIM accompanied the marketing teams to operate it and manage its marketing operations. Various studies were carried out (analysis of site navigation, e-subscription, digital segmentation, portfolio simulation, etc.) as well as the implementation of numerous analysis reports (campaign performance, subscription monitoring, activity management, navigation monitoring, etc.)


  • Construction and industrialization of scores

    Different scores were made available: prediction of the conversion from visitors into non-paying subscribers, from non-paying subscribers into paying subscribers, from visitors to paying subscribers…

    These scores, updated daily, were used to feed different conversion triggers.



More respectful relationship marketing

A single enhanced customer vision that enabled an optimized management of sales pressure at the Group level.

Serenity and efficiency of the teams

Each team has access to this centralized database but remains autonomous in managing their communications. They benefit from the enrichment of data from the other BUs to personalize them.

Implementation of an optimized marketing plan

Significant performance was observed following the implementation of these individualized communications:

  • The opening rate of emails x 2
  • Click rate on display campaigns x 3

These results were observed versus a control group not exposed to individualized communications

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