Courir has 250 stores in France and 35 points of sale abroad. While it is the go-to brand for sneakers—particularly among its young, urban consumers—Courir is operating in a highly competitive market. Courir asked D-AIM to help find the best strategy for achieving its two main objectives: keeping its position as a market leader while remaining closely in touch with its customers.


Boost customer insights to determine specific growth levers for every individual, thereby increasing revenue from each one

Optimize the customer relationship to build loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth recommendations.

Retain at-risk customers by reaching out at the right time and with the right approach (context and content), in line with their unique features (profile, activity, use, offer, etc.) and churn risk.

D-AIM Solutions

  • Enhanced customer behavior analytics

    For each customer, our solutions generated a unique profile and indicated the corresponding growth levers.

  • Customer relationship indicators

    Courir could then use insight indicators and automatically update triggers to ensure communications were more timely, relevant and engaging for each individual.

  • Predictive lead scoring

    Drawing upon enhanced understanding and predictive knowledge of customer behaviors, our solutions generated a vast array of scores. Courir was then able to use these scores to optimize the ROI of its campaigns and customer engagement tools.

  • Retail sector expertise

    Courir ultimately benefited from our extensive knowledge of and experience in the retail sector. Our specialists and industry experts supported the brand’s teams throughout the process with ad hoc studies, advice on implementing scores and marketing activation.



Recent figures from Courir speak for themselves: the company has seen an increase in its average revenue per customer as well as a decreasing churn rate.


These outstanding results testify to the success of Courir’s new strategy. Using our solutions, the company focused on individualizing communications in line with specific customer profiles and behaviors.

Enhanced customer experience

Courir took up our challenge of getting to know their customers better—and get better at meeting their expectations. Thanks to our indicators, the brand succeeded in individualizing and optimizing its relationship with every individual customer. Courir now has satisfied and loyal customers!

Streamlined marketing strategies

Courir’s teams used our customized dashboards and KPIs to drive their marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis. They also drew upon the scores and triggers generated by our solutions, which enabled them to invest precious time and resources into developing other offers. They were ultimately able to identify their customers’ expectations and meet them to the fullest.

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