A top 3 leading supermarket chain in France with nearly 800 Drives is facing changes in consumption patterns. The brand seeks to transform and deploy a marketing strategy based on singularity and to build a new customer relationship that is truly unique, respectful and relevant.


Offer an individualized experience to customers in relation to their consumption preferences and needs

Diversify the number of communication opportunities (commercial and non-commercial)

Manage multi-channel communications and optimize marketing pressure

D-AIM Solutions

  • Deployment of D-AIM pilot

    The solution met all of the objectives, generates additional ROI, integrates perfectly with existing tools and environments, is easy to use and reduces the team workload.

  • Generalization of D-AIM

    The brand chose to equip itself with the D-AIM solution to manage 100% of its marketing actions of the various entities of the DRIVE activity

  • Building a new customer relationship that is truly unique, respectful and relevant

    Each day, D-AIM identifies the most relevant and high-value message to send to each customer within the 2 million of the brand, selects the best communication channel and manages complex marketing pressure (by channel, by type of message, overall)



Multiplication of the communication opportunities:

800 000 messages sent every day using the most relevant channel for each and every customer without marketing overpressure

Increased open rate : + 50%

The personalization of communications has resulted in a significant increase in email open rates

Boost incremental revenue : 2,7% on average
Increased team productivity and reduced workload

In particular by removing time-consuming targeting tasks : the marketing and BI teams saved 4 days a week !

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