Our client is an affordable fashion brand created in France in 1985. Today, it has more than 1000 employees in France and more than 400 stores in 21 countries around the world. But they kept a strong start-up spirit, which has made the brand one of the French leaders in women’s ready-to-wear. At the end of the 1st lockdown, the brand wished to accelerate the recovery of its activity by strengthening the proximity with its customers.


Increase the ROI of its campaigns

Personalize communications to make them more relevant

Increase customer engagement

D-AIM Solutions

  • Implementation of different scores

    Our client wanted to better target its communications and improve its relationship marketing. This required getting to know its customers better: understanding their behavior and anticipating their expectations. D-AIM accompanied the brand to determine a set of scores to be modeled.

  • Message personalization

    3 scores have been built and industrialized to allow to personalize communications and solicit only the most interested customers:

    • Re-purchase score
    • Shelf propensity score
    • Product propensity score (sweater/sweatshirt/skirt)
  • Sending solicitations on the preferred channel

    An email open score allowed the brand to avoid sending communications on this channel to customers who don’t open their emails or do so rarely.



The brand has different scores and uses them according to the type of operation.

+ 28% increase in the email reactivity rate

By using the re-purchase score, the ROI of global campaigns has been significantly improved

Reactivity rate multiplied by 2 on a personalized campaign

The “License” product propensity score doubled the campaign’s reactivity rate

68% increase in revenue

Significant performance in terms of revenue was observed on a campaign using the “Sweat” product propensity score

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