With some 300,000 clients, Dhiraagu is the leading telecom operator in the Maldives. Nonetheless, the company faces tough competition as Dual SIM smartphone use is widespread. To build loyalty and improve its relationship marketing approach, Dhiraagu asked D-AIM to help.


Achieve genuinely deeper insights to predict individual client needs

Provide the right service—at the right time and at the right price—for each client

D-AIM Solutions

  • Data-rich consumer insights

    By tapping the full potential of Dhiraagu’s data, our solutions delivered multiple complementary analyses on user behaviors. By determining the expectations of its users, the operator was able to meet them with hyper-personalized offers.

  • Calculate the potential of users who aren't yet clients

    By applying an algorithm that places each client into a unique relationship framework, our solution identified multi-SIM users and thereby determined the actual consumption potential of each client.

  • Telecom sector expertise

    With extensive knowledge of the telecom sector, our experts provided regular support to Dhiraagu’s teams, particularly in creating new offers.



Dhiraagu needed more enhanced insights to communicate with users in a way that was timely, relevant and meaningful. As a result of our solutions, its offers became more individualized and more closely in line with the market.

An enhanced customer experience

Our solutions allowed Dhiraagu to understand the particularities of each client better and predict their needs and expectations with greater precision.

Consumer value maximization

With our automated analyses of client behaviors, Dhiraagu was able to spot new opportunities for value creation and any potential risks of value loss.

46% increase in additional revenue between the 1st and 6th month

Our machine learning engine has the capacity to predict opportunities for each client. It’s also able to adapt to market realities, such as the current health crisis and its impact on behaviors and needs. The decision engine used this new information to list options in order of priority. As a result, the company boosted the performance of its relationship strategy, which improved significantly during the national lockdown in the Maldives.

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