Group 16


Our client, a telecom operator with 4 million customers, offers a wide range of services related to voice and 4G data.


Due to the strong competition in this market, most customers have several Sim cards from different operators. As a result, customers are less and less reactive to SMS communications.


Set up a new innovative and interactive contact channel with the customer

Increase individual market share through enhanced customer knowledge

Differentiate from the competition by personalizing communications with each customer

D-AIM Solutions

  • Implementation of a mobile app as a new channel for customer relations

    Thanks to a gamification strategy, every week a game is proposed on the application, thus increasing the number of “active users”. The communication of individual offers is done by SMS but also on the application.

  • One customer, one individual challenge journey

    In order to increase individual market share, each month customers have access to a personalized challenge path that takes into account their identified needs through deterministic marketing but also their life cycle to anticipate their behavior in the coming weeks through predictive marketing. Successful completion of the challenges provides customers with individualized rewards.

  • A strategy to differentiate from the competition

    The individuation by customer of both challenges and rewards allows a real communication differentiation from the competition and a real competitive advantage.



The mobile application has become the main communication tool for “below the line” targeting.


Increase in the number of “active users”

Thanks to the animations via the application, the number of active users has been multiplied by 9 in 6 months.


Lower churn rate
The customer experience has reduced the churn by 6 points from 27% to 21% over the last 2 years.


Increase in additional income

Additional income increased by 6.4% versus the Universal Control Group that did not receive the gamification program.

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