With more than two million clients, the company is the leading quintuple play operator in Canada’s telecommunications market. Faced with an exponential volume of data, the brand urgently needed solutions that could exploit this data in order to enrich consumer knowledge and hyper-personalize communications.


Move from a strategy of mass acquisition to one based on consumer loyalty 

Optimize the value of each and every client by ensuring investments are on point

D-AIM Solutions

  • Streamline all marketing campaigns

    To establish a relationship marketing strategy based on each individual client, the company first needed to increase its consumer knowledge. It was able to achieve this goal by analyzing and understanding behaviors, which in turn enabled  to respond to and even predict consumer needs. As a result, they were in a position to engage users in a long-term relationship. The company used our AI-enhanced solutions to ensure communications were relevant. They wanted to focus on timely and relevant marketing to improve the performance and ROI of their campaigns.

  • A breakthrough in relationship marketing

    The individuation engine in our D-AIM solution allowed the company to send timely, relevant and meaningful messages to each user. To achieve this, they answered the following questions: Do I have a reason to contact this user today? What strategy should I launch? What is the most appropriate mix of channel/offer/message/tone/effectiveness for this user? What is the target profit and ROI?  Marketers then leave the machine to do what humans cannot and choose one marketing action from thousands of options.

  • A joint undertaking

    To drive these changes, our experts supported marketing teams in every aspect of the transformation process: building consumer insight, optimizing the action plan and ensuring mastery of our tools. They also helped various levels of the organization, such as executives and product teams, better understand the new approach, which had implications for all parts of the business.



Through constraint programming with our decision engine—setting budget, sales objectives, relevant targeting and more—our client moved from mass communications to a hyper-personalized marketing strategy.

150 individuation fields operating every day

By multiplying the number of offers and channels, the new AI-enhanced campaigns had a major impact on communication opportunities.

A considerable improvement in performance

Opening and click-through rates also rose considerably, with a far more relevant consumer experience based on behavioral analysis to pinpoint individual interests, the user’s preferred times to be contacted and more.

More time for marketing

Our solutions gave the marketer more time to focus on value-added tasks such as strategy, analysis and campaign optimization.

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