Despite providing 4G voice and data services to over 8 million customers, Orange Cameroon faces intense competition from other mobile phone operators. D-AIM’s expertise helped Orange Cameroon solve three primary challenges. The overall aim was customer retention through services that met expectations to the fullest.


Boost customer insight to predict expectations more accurately

Identify potential churn risks early on, primarily by recognizing weak signals that indicate inactive customers

Enhance the customer experience and hyper-personalize the customer relationship by providing targeted offers for each customer

D-AIM Solutions

  • In-depth consumer insights

    Our solutions enabled Orange Cameroon to increase customer knowledge and determine the growth levers specific to each one.

  • Predictive lead scoring and customer risk indicators

    We provided Orange Cameroon with access to 100 predictive scores, generated and automatically updated by our solutions, which allowed them to hyper-personalize their communications. We also created dozens of predictive churn scores capable of identifying at-risk triggers.

  • Telecom sector expertise

    We used our extensive knowledge of and experience in the Telecom sector to support Orange Cameroon with the challenges it was facing. Our industry experts supported the brand’s teams throughout the process with ad hoc studies and advice on implementing scores and marketing activations specific to the Telecom sector.



Orange Cameroon used our individualized marketing solutions to implement a brand-new strategy. With increased customer knowledge, communications could be hyper-personalized, and the customer experience enhanced.

Among other results, the company saw its additional revenues increase by 8%, its penetration rate grow by 10% and its churn rate decrease by 25%.

An enhanced customer experience

With our support, Orange Cameroon changed its approach to relationship marketing, getting to know its customers better to ensure communications are entirely individualized.

Timely, relevant and engaging marketing plans

With the scores and triggers generated by our solutions, Orange Cameroon was able to tailor its responses to customer expectations and inactivity

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