At D-AIM, innovative customer relationship marketing is in our DNA. As a result, a significant proportion of our teams are experts in data and new technologies, with backgrounds as data scientists, product owners and lead developers, to name but a few.


But whether you’re in contact with our sales team or Customer Success division, everyone at D-AIM knows how to guide you through the process of using our tools to the fullest. And with their expertise and knowledge of your sector, they’ll help you better understand how AI can enhance your relationships with customers in a way that’s ethical and sustainable. Communication, sharing and listening are the key tenets of our work philosophy and allow us to offer you the absolute best support.


Let’s grow together!


Would you like more information about our areas of expertise? Cédric, Amandine, Madjid, Florian, Marianne and Guillaume will be happy to fill you in.

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Head of the R&D Dept

Lead Developer

Product Owner

Sales Manager

Account Manager

Data Scientist