What was your background before you joined D-AIM? (e.g., education and professional experience)

I graduated from the University of Compiègne in 2011. I worked as a web developer until 2016, at which point I joined D-AIM to work as a data integration developer, then lead developer on the data lake redesign project for Les Echos – Le Parisien.

In 2018, I joined the R&D department, becoming part of both the company’s cross-departmental projects and also the solution development project as lead developer and scrum master.


Why did you decide to work at D-AIM?

  • First of all, because I wanted to learn about a new field.
  • Next, because when we met, the CTO offered me a long-term business project with opportunities for internal mobility.
  • Being part of D-AIM also gave me a chance to experience the total transformation of a business.


What’s your role? How would you describe it and why do you love it?

Today I’m a lead developer on the web application of D-AIM’s product and I’m also a scrum master.

Like everyone else on the team, I’m involved in writing user stories and all the developments that arise from them.

I ensure that good development practices are put in place.

As a scrum master, I also make sure that everyone understands the methodology and follows it.


What particular qualities does your role require?

  • Curiosity about the business, technology and organizations/working methods
  • Communication and listening: You have to facilitate communication within the team itself, as well as between the team and everyone else. It’s necessary that you fully understand the team’s challenges in order to help them find solutions.