What was your background before you joined D-AIM? (e.g., education and professional experience)

I did a work-study program in information systems management.   
My first work experience was as a developer for a software company in the insurance field. After that, I moved onto project management roles.

Working as a consultant in the banking and insurance sector allowed me to teach myself about agile methods. 

I mostly worked in IT management as a business analyst, scrum master, delivery manager and, eventually, product owner.


Why did you decide to work at D-AIM?

Mostly because I wanted to be challenged.
I liked the challenge of joining a company that was transforming itself into a software publisher and offering a solution that’s ahead of its time. 

D-AIM’s reputation for technologies such as data science and AI, as well as their ethical vision of marketing, also influenced my decision to become part of the crew!


What’s your role? How would you describe it and why do you love it?

I’m a product owner for D-AIM’s solutions.
My role is to promote the product’s vision and maximize its value.
I’m also in charge of D-AIM’s product roadmap. 

I work closely with the technical development teams and business experts.
The main thing I enjoy about my job is the versatility and the fact that I must remain as close to the needs of the user as possible. 


What particular qualities does your role require?

You need to be versatile so you can listen to—and understand—the range of people a product owner works with.
It also takes empathy and the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the person using your products.

Finally, because a product is like a living thing, you have to be flexible and ready for anything—the life of a PO is all about prioritizing and mediating!