What was your background before you joined D-AIM? (e.g., education and professional experience)

After graduating from high school with a focus on sciences, I did an intensive foundation course in math and physics.

I then got my engineering degree at Polytech Lille with specializations in computer engineering and statistics. 

In 2012, at the end of my studies, I did a six-month internship at D-AIM and, after that, I was given a permanent contract.


Why did you decide to work at D-AIM?

When I was researching internships, D-AIM really stood out. 

It had only been going for about ten years when I applied, which meant I could get professional experience without getting lost as I would have in a larger company that had, say, around 40-50 employees.

The interviews validated my goals for the internship, which were to apply what I’d been learning and improve my skills. The wide range of clients—we work with the retail, banking, telecoms and media sectors—was a major draw. And the development prospects for this “small” company were super promising.


What’s your role? How would you describe it and why do you love it?

I’m now a media account manager after moving over from being a data scientist in 2019.

I essentially manage a team of both data scientists and developers. We support clients with the tools, set up new ones and develop our knowledge together. My role involves coming up with new ideas about how we can improve the existing system, rolling out new value-added features and finding solutions for specific problems. 

Every day brings a new challenge from client feedback or a technical or team management issue.

Thanks to the different aspects of my job, such as team management, client relations and more, no two days are the same and I’m always in uncharted waters.


What particular qualities does your role require?

For me, you not only need solid interpersonal skills, but you also have to be thorough, a team player and good at performing under pressure.