What was your background before you joined D-AIM? (e.g., education and professional experience) 

Since my rather typical training in marketing and sales at business school, I’ve had several jobs. I’ve worked as an e-commerce CRM manager for some major advertisers. More recently, I was head of sales at MarTech, a SaaS provider. 


Why did you decide to work at D-AIM? 

Because of D-AIM’s vision, and because it’s an environment where we get to work on some pretty exciting stuff. We’re dealing with business transformation and with leaders who are thinking about how to adapt to an increasingly complex economic environment


What’s your role? How would you describe it and why do you love it? 

As a sales manager, I’m in charge of bringing D-AIM’s solutions to the French market. 

My responsibilities are all oriented towards meeting the same objective: to increase turnover and generate maximum sales with new customers.  

To achieve this goal, I have various assignments such as presenting the platform to decision-makers, generating new business opportunities with proposals specific to the client’s needs and closing with C-Level executives (marketing, strategy, sales management). 

I work closely with the various teams at D-AIM, such as account management, product and marketing teams, so I can respond to each client’s specific challenges. 


What particular qualities does your role require? 

You have to be a strong communicator, both with clients and within your company. 

And incredibly persistent, proactive and creative to achieve your goals and find solutions! 

And, of course, you have to be interested in marketing innovation.